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We support the bee project of the University of Trier

Since 2016, Korkindustrie Trier has worked with the University of Trier’s Department of Spatial and Environmental Sciences on their bee project, known as “Bee.Ed”. To support the regional bee population, we’ve transformed the open spaces on our property into wildflower meadows. To do it, we first had to backfill a new layer of soil in which the special seed mix for bee pastures could be grown. After sowing, heavy rains caused erosion and washed away the seeds, resulting in slow growth. But in the years since, we’re happy to say that the flower meadow has grown very well.

Each Spring, the flower meadow begins to bloom and the first bees arrive in the bright sunshine. The bees not only pollinate the flowers, but also serve as a supplier of our important raw material, beeswax — a main ingredient in processing our OrganiQork line.

Korkindustrie Trier is one of the founding members of the "Deutscher Kork-Verband e.V.", which was established in 1985.

In addition to representing the interests of member companies in industry policy, the association's activities focus on quality assurance for products made of cork. The association also supports research projects on renewable natural cork and the various end products made from it. In recent years, the focus of the cork stopper department's activities has shifted to social media, support for collection points for the recycling of natural cork stoppers, and training for wine enthusiasts in the area of closures in general.

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