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Other corks

Sparkling wine corks

Anyone familiar with our wine corks knows that we place extreme demands on sensory analysis.

Sparkling wine corks are a technical product. While it’s no longer a problem to clean the granules for agglomerated cork to sensory neutrality, discs still cannot be cleaned to that level without deformation. Therefore, strict selection of the raw material is crucial. Only cork that passes our in-house analytical and sensory testing is deemed worthy of our customers.

Our sparkling wine corks are available in three different optical qualities, which differ according to the size and number of pores in the discs.

Dimensions Item
48 x 30.5 mm AA2r
Dimensions Item
48 x 30.5 mm A2r
Dimensions Item
48 x 30.5 mm B2r

Bar top corks

For bottles that are usually not completely emptied after opening, bar top corks are the ideal closure. Do you produce spirits or high-quality oils?

We would be happy to help you choose the right bar top cork for your product and bottle. We have a basic selection of these corks in stock, and other designs can be ordered on request.

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