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We import only unwashed raw corks from a solid base of Portuguese suppliers.

The corks are gently washed with 1,300 L of water in Trier. This gives us the certainty that:

  • the agents used are guaranteed to be approved for contact with foodstuffs
  • the cork structure suffers no or only slight cell damage
  • dirt particles and phenolic substances are removed from the pores
  • the appearance is not distorted by color additives

During the approximately 90-minute washing and drying process, the corks are perfectly mixed in the washing machine. This homogeneous total quantity forms the mandatory basis for random trichloroanisole (TCA) testing. Testing is carried out using our own state-of-the-art analysis technology. TCA is enriched in a cork- friendly extraction process developed in-house and then analyzed by gas chromatography. In order to detect other undesirable substances, all cork samples are also subjected to sensory evaluation.

MORE INFOS: Sensory qualities

Although we purchase the raw corks already pre-sorted, all corks are re-sorted once again in our modern electronic system. Cameras create colored images of the entire surface of the cork, while at the same time lasers measure the depth of the cork pores. This makes it possible to compensate for fluctuations within individual deliveries and to keep the optical quality constant.

The corks can be marked, both on the tops and on the side, using the latest laser technology. In-house template processing and stamp production allow us to respond directly to your wishes.

MORE INFOS: Customization

Our classic corks are coated in stainless steel drums by spraying the treatment agent. For our natural cork line, we have optimized separate installations especially for the beeswax coating, developed in-house. Wine sterile and hygienically packed, the corks leave Trier with a glued-on label containing all important information for the recipient. If the corks have to be stored under unfavorable conditions or for longer than six months, we can offer you special opaque and gas-tight packaging.