Introducing Korkindustrie Trier

Korkindustrie Trier is a processing company for natural wine corks and champagne corks in the high-end sector. Along with our natural corks, we also offer you high-quality capsules and can advise you on your choice of bottles.

What makes us unique

The only natural wine cork producer

  • Who washes the corks themselves, in Germany, for the following advantages:
    • All corks are guaranteed chlorine-free and undyed
    • Washing process and appearance of the cork are uniform, independent of upstream suppliers
    • Improved sensory properties through the use of state-of-the-art washing and drying technology

  • All of which determines the sensory risk potential of each lot and divides it into two classes - TOP and PLUS - with the advantages:
    • The residual risk is clearly defined in the statistics
    • The sensory class can be selected according to the quality of the wine.

Corporate philosophy


  • Toward the customer
    • Openness and honesty
    • Advice, service and technical assistance as a matter of course

  • Toward the supplier
    • Willingness to truly cooperate

  • Toward employees
    • Fairness and trust
    • Self-responsibility and self-determination are promoted

  • Relating to our products
    • Natural cork is the perfect closure for high quality wines.
    • The function of the natural cork is of central importance, not the appearance
    • The implementation and control of the entire refining process, including the sensory evaluation of each cork lot, is carried out in-house.